Thursday, 10 November 2011

OMG! Busy

K[l]ing[on] doesn't like sleeping anywhere except on Mummy or moving in the pram during the day. After a feed he's happy to play on his mat for about 15 minutes and that's when I run around like a nutter showering, dressing, cleaning, making food or trying to give Princess a bit of Quality Time. Then I have to pick him up again...


And No I can't leave him to "settle on his own" - he just screams more and more and more, turning deeper shades of sweaty purple until I finally cuddle him and he snorts and whimpers and hiccups and sobs and I feel like the world's worst mother.

He's sleeping well at night though - he went for 8 hours last night! So I can't really complain. It's just impossible to get anything else done until Milord gets home and takes turns carrying the little guy.

Princess is now getting jealous I think. She wants her Mummy to be able to read/play/puthimdownalready! and when I can't she makes mischief, knowing I can't easily stop her!

It's all a bit... tiring? Stressful? Annoying? But we're OK ;-)

My Dad... is not OK. The growth they cut out is nasty, and that's the second nasty in his abdomen in 2 years and so... well... not a good thing. He's being ever so brave and positive and he feels Fine Really! and doesn't want to talk about it. Which I can relate to.

Milord lost his mum not that long ago to serial cancers though, and he's encouraging me to hop on a plane and go visit Dad while he's still himself before any chemotherapy. If it wasn't for money/kids etc I'd be on my way already! And of course Dad insists he's Fine Really! and I shouldn't come...

We shall see. Milord has offered to take leave and stay home with the kids and we're about to remortgage the house for a bit of cashflow, so perhaps visiting my Dad would be a pleasure all round?

It's taken several broken hours to write this, and now everyone except me is in bed... must go sleeeeeep! photos some other time ...byeeee!


waterbob said...

Have you tried the baby backpack which is the modern version of our local tribal blanket holding the baby on the back? That may allow you to give Grace some attention as well. Although knowing you, you've probably tried it already!

Nat said...

Sorry about your dad :-( Never easy.
I would say, if you possibly can, go to him....
Hugs xxx

greytonsal said...

Boys seem to be more clingy than girls at the beginning (from my limited experience), but enjoy the cuddling now as that will soon end and he will be a typical boy not wanting hugs or kisses! Sorry about your Dad, a worrying time for all concerned. Hope he is planning to come to see you all soon too! Love to you all.