Tuesday, 3 November 2009


It is a very hot day - over 35C - and I am indoors with all the doors and windows closed. My thermometer says it is 28C inside and with a fan blowing on me it's quite nice, really.

Princess should be asleep for an hour. Let's see if I can catch up on some posting. I'm getting a bit slack. I know I should post about being a mommy for my own reference - this is my diary after all. But others read my diary - won't they get bored?

Hmm. Too bad. Someday I may have a life outside baby smiles and interesting poo, but honestly this is kind of it for me right now, so I guess that's what I'll be posting!


Princess is 2 months old, and 9 weeks old today. The time has flown, although it also feels like forever. Was I ever not a mommy? Who was that cashed-up carefree person?

I wrote down some point-form notes to blog about. Looking at them they say rather a lot so I'll just post 'em as they are:

sleeping thru
pesto poo
smiles (mostly for Dad)
legs in air
kicking into corners
size 00
outgrowing bassinette
eyes dark blue
enjoying baths a lot more

weaned off breastfeeding
back in C cups
back in pretty underwire bras!
weight not good

That's pretty much it in a nutshell!

Princess has begun to settle into a routine now - not an imposed one, just one she's fallen into. She wakes about 7am for a feed and plays and naps until 10 when she feeds and then has a long sleep until about 2. Then feed and play and nap until 6 when she's suddenly a cranky little nibbling thing until between 9 and 10 when she suddenly goes to sleep. If we're lucky she'll sleep through to 7 the next morning. If not then she'll wake at 2am for another feed.

She's "slept though" (8 hours or more in one go) for the last 3 nights in a row! Of course Milord and I start waking after 5 hours to look at the clock and to check the monitor is working every 15 minutes because we are now so used to waking in the night! I'm still tired though, as there is a fair bit of sleep debt.

On the whole she's a very happy baby. The evening crankiness is normal at this age. Poor Milord gets home from work at 6pm just as she becomes a pain in the butt! Luckily (although we'd rather he had more work) he's only working 3 days (his company is in trouble and has made him semi-redundant) a week, so he sees her in happy mode for the other 4.

As for me, I'm getting a routine too. This week looks like this:

Mon: exercise in park, lunch with friends, change and wash bed linen
Tue: Mothers Group, blog, snooze
Wed: exercise in park, clean bathrooms
Thu: Milord home, clean floors
Fri: Milord home, exercise in park, change and wash towels
Sat/Sun: Papers in bed, late brunches, catch up with friends

My weight is not going down. It will, as soon as I stop eating so much! We have a bowl of Halloween candy hanging around at the moment which really doesn't help. At least I am now having a bit of exercise to boost my metabolism.

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waterbob said...

She's filling out and looking lovely!