Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sculpture by the Sea

Last week we went to Sculpture by the Sea, an annual event at Bondi Beach. Along the coastal walk towards Coogee oodles of artists get to exhibit a work of sculpture. It is a competition and points are awarded for various things including how well it works in its location.

It was a lovely day - quite warm but with a fresh breeze. Princess had her first outing in the baby carrier, wearing her first sunhat and her first application of sunscreen.

She slept the whole way after a bit of grumbling, and then we sat under a tree and fed her and had a sandwich overlooking Bondi Beach.



waterbob said...

What was #20? It looks like distorting mirrors and fascinating. What was the horse #61 made of? I really like that 1st World stuff you guys have access to. Great pics

Anonymous said...

I just adore your photos of Princess. It is amazing how in one she looks just like you, and in the next, just like Milord!

Much love, Janey

Shane said...

Hey, Mel. Desperately need to phone you and chat. Please just confirm your cell no. I'm not getting through. love Shane