Tuesday, 24 November 2009


This past weekend was hot. Very hot. It was 34C on Friday, 37C on Saturday and 43C on Sunday! For the non-celcius folk, 37C is body temperature.

On Saturday we went to a public swimming pool to cool off. I didn't take Princess in the water, but she seemed to like cuddling next to my clammy swimming costume! In the evening we went to Princess' godparents for a barbeque.

On Sunday we had Princess baptised. Milord reckons he's a lapsed Presbyterian so we found our nearest Presbyterian church and asked if she could be baptised there. They were thrilled, so we gathered friends and family for the ceremony, which was part of the service.

It was a bit churchy... but that's what you get for having a church ceremony I suppose. I'm not a believer - I have trouble with the idea of sin, heaven and hell - without which religeon loses its point. Milord isn't a believer either, but I think sometimes that he would like to be... which would be fine with me, really. We will give Princess exposure to Christianity and it will be her choice to believe or not. When I was a kid my parents sent me along to Sunday school every week and I loved it. I'm sure she will too!

It was hot. Very hot.

Milord's sister has a christening dress that Milord's mum made 18 years ago and was worn by his 2 nieces at their christenings. I was so chuffed when she offered it for Princess' use. It is a beautiful long satin dress, with lacey bits. Princess looked... like a princess!

But it was hot. Very hot. I spent the whole ceremony fanning my baby or blowing on her to cool her down! She slept though the entire thing, for which I was very grateful. She barely even twitched when the minister poured water on her head.

After the service we had nibbles and champagne with the congregation and our friends in the church hall. And it was hot. Very hot.

In the early afternoon we changed Princess into a cooler dress and a few of us went to an air-conditioned pub for a few hours. Oh, that was nice!

Late afternoon we sadly had to go home. We'd closed the house up so it was 32C inside as opposed to the 42C outside.

Still hot though. Very hot.

Mom, Milord and I all put on swimming costumes and got into a cool bath together! Luckily our bath is enormous, but it was still a little bit intimate! Princess also came in with us and we chatted and drank wine in the nice cool bath... we're going to buy a paddling pool very soon!

Then a light meal and attempting to sleep under the ceiling fans.

A cold wind sprang up on Sunday night and since then it has been cool and drizzly. We're loving it after the hot weather and Princess has been asleep for most of two days - utterly exhausted by her adventurous weekend!


Janey said...

Mel, you look so glamorous! And Princess looks so exquisite! And I am so glad the world is getting the chance to see your wonderful Mom. Much love, Janey

waterbob said...

Luckily the heat doesn't show in the pics. You all look great.

Nat said...

I think it's great you're giving Princess the chance to choose her beliefs...Sunday school was fun for me too, Confirmation classes even better - maybe something to do with being 14 and just discovered boys and there being a couple of cuties in the class :-)
Great pics - you're looking fab!

Kat said...

Great christening dress!!

SA Expats said...