Saturday, 14 November 2009

11 Weeks

I still don't know how other new moms blog as much as they do. When I have free time I run around cleaning and tidying, then I make a meal and sit down with my book for half an hour before Princess is up again. I'm lucky if I keep up with my emails, and there I cheat anyway because I know a lot of my friends and family keep tabs on me here!

Princess is nearly 11 weeks old.

She is now sleeping for a least an 8 hour stretch most nights. Her evening "Toxic Time" where she will not settle for up to 4 hours after 6pm, which makes preparing and eating dinner very difficult, seems to be easing. That started in week 5, so we've have 6 weeks of awkward evenings. This is normal, all babies do it, and it seems to be their way of tanking up on food at nightfall. Lately she is still ratty at 6pm no matter how I schedule her naps or how much I let her eat, but she's settling earlier and earlier. We now get her down between 8 and 9, and then she has a good long sleep.

Of course this means that she is waking around 4am or 5am for a feed, but at least I've had 6 hours sleep by then myself. Generally I can grab another hour or two from 5 or 6am too. Once she starts sleeping from 7pm-ish I'll consider waking her at 10pm for a "dreamfeed" to hopefully get her to sleep until dawn and so fit in with her parent's sleeping paterns!

We're getting lots of smiles and I'm sure she did a little giggle yesterday. It is so nice to be getting something back after all this tending. We also have gurgles and coos: "ahgha" and "oooeh" in this tiny girlie voice, with eye contact and a little smile - oh so cute! If I repeat the sounds back to her she'll do them again a few times. Milord thinks I'm losing my mind, and now I know why people googoo at babies!

Of course with the new vocal range we're also getting better howls and screams when she's hungry/wet/tired/gassy/hot/bright. Did you know a tired baby can be happily cooing in your arms and then will suddenly scream their head off for a couple of minutes before conking out completely? Huh.

Bathtime is becoming more fun, although I spend most of my time trying to stop her drinking the bathwater! I took her into the shower with me last weekend... she didn't seem to mind unless the spray was actually bouncing off my shoulders into her face. The spray onto her own back and head was fine. I'm glad - I figure teaching her to swim will be a lot easier if she doesn't mind getting her face wet.

Milord and I are making an effort to have quality time together lately. I realised last week that several days had gone by without a hug between us because Princess was always in the way. When she was asleep we'd be busy or asleep ourselves. That's no way to run a marriage! While we're being terrific parents we also have to remember to be good husband and wife too.

As for me, my weight is horrible. I have rejoined Weightwatchers and hope this plus the walking I make a point of getting out to do will start having an effect. I am 3kg over my pre-pregnancy weight. This isn't a huge amount but it's just not shifting and I can't fit into my old trousers, shorts and summer dresses. Growl. Wish me luck!

Mom leaves England today to travel here. She'll arrive on Monday morning and I can't wait! I'm planning walks in the park, coffee overlooking the beach, and picnics and beer gardens and all sorts of granny-and-baby-friendly stuff.

Mommy was too lazy to hoik out the baby bath...


Janey said...

When Sally, Hilary and I were tiny we lived in an old house in Preston, England, and the kitchen had one of those huge, deep, white stone sinks with a wooden draining board. That's where we all got bathed! Handy size, handy height. You are doing great and I hope that while your Mom is with you she will be encouraged to add to this blog too. Much love, Janey

kat said...

That would be a cool - a "guest blogger" on your site :)