Monday, 10 November 2008

You want me to eat what?

I've mentioned before that the area we live in is a bit of a melting pot, with a strong Asian influence. Every time I walk into my nearest little grocery store I spend a lot of time thinking "What on earth is that is that and how (or why) would you eat it?".

About once a week Milord or I take the plunge and buy something we've never tried before. Last week he came back with 5 little parcels of banana leaves.
"What are those?"
"I don't know but they looked interesting!"

(image nicked from here)

Luckily there was a label on one saying "sticky rice", so I googled for a while and discovered that this is a snack of pre-cooked sticky rice usually with some sort of addition (which can vary wildly). We boiled them for half an hour, peeled the leaves off and nibbled at the compact rice cake revealed. Turns out there was a kind of bean paste in the middle.

Verdict: bleah.
We won't be bothering with these again!

Yesterday I came back from the store with these:

Salted Duck Eggs. You should have seen Milord's face!
"What are you trying to do to me?!"
(this from the man who is still munching his way through the jar of dried anchovies coated in wasabi)

Take a duck egg and soak it in very salty water for a couple of weeks. The egg absorbs loads of salt and will keep for many months, plus it now tastes rather different.

I sat down and googled for recipes for ages. Sounds like one generally uses the yolk in cooking, or else you hard boil the egg (like a normal egg) and use it in salad.

So I boiled a couple of eggs, let them cool and peeled them. I lined up a few crackers, topped them with a slice of tomato, added a slice of yolky boiled egg, sprinkled some pepper, and handed a plate to Milord. After a long hesitation he took a bite.

"Hmmm. Not bad. Guess we don't need to add salt though!"

The white of the egg is incredibly salty - I discarded any that didn't have hardboiled yolk in the middle. The bit left on the cracker was deliciously salty, and the yolk was rich and, yes, a bit salty too!

Verdict: yum.
Now I need to think of something different to try with the 4 eggs left over!

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Canadian Girl said...

I assume unsalted crackers would be best with this? Kudos to you and your man for trying new things. I love exploring multinational culinary delights. Sure, you get a few duds along the way (like your sticky rice) but there are a lot of treasures out there!