Wednesday, 12 November 2008


So I've already told you guys about Ocsober : an Aussie month-long sponsored sobriety challenge to raise money to educate kids about the dangers of substance abuse.

Well, now we're well and truly into Movember: an Aussie month-long sponsored [mo]ustach-growing challenge to raise money for men's health issues, specifically prostate cancer and depression research.

Now, while I don't know of anyone who took up the teetotal month, there are a few boys in my office doing the "mo-grow".

Gawd it's nasty!

Of course they're having fun with the idea so it's all a bit porno, with sideburns and handlebars and... ugh. Sooo unattractive! Did men really wear them as a matter of course back in the 60s? I'm finding it hard to believe.

One particular bloke in my office, a stunningly attractive American who is usually the epitome of clean-cut, well dressed, nicely built easy-place-to-rest-my-eyes-ness (hey, I'm allowed to look, right?) has started his mo. And overnight has become the epitome of sleazy, unwashed would-cross-the-street-to-avoid! Very sad.

If you feel like a giggle then google images of "movember". And be very very grateful that the mo is out of fashion!

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