Tuesday, 18 November 2008


So where do I spend most of my life? Behind a desk... wanna see?

(Looking at someone's desk you can tell a lot about them. Even the completely bare desks say a bit about the personality that has to be so ordered!)

From the left:

  • Pot plant (belongs to the office, but there's a good chance I'd have brought one in if there wasn't one).

  • Wedding photo.

  • Phone.

  • Printouts, pad and pen: this is whatever I am currently working on. Completed/upcoming work is in the tray on the right of the desk.

  • Mug (tea usually).

  • Litre bottle of water and a glass: I try to drink the whole thing every day. Yes I do visit the bathroom a lot!

  • Computer... of course.
    On the PC is my glasses case (sigh - getting old), a DVD I need to return (Horton hears a Who), raffle tickets for Surf Life Saving (the draw is in Feb), a highlighter pen and a couple of post-it notes with my user id, the helpdesk phone number and a test system login.
    Plugged into the front of the PC is a USB connector that I use to charge my mp3 player and download photos from my camera.
    And a mouse and wrist-rest thingy.
    And that's a mobile phone charger next to the mouse.

  • To the right of the PC is hand sanitiser, hand cream and a box of tissues.

  • A bowl of fruit. I eat lots of fruit.

  • Tray of paperwork that I'm not working on right now, and a file with manuals and so on.

  • Ugly but very functional handbag.

Under the desk:
  • A backpack for the gym: this lives at work, I just take sweaty clothes home and bring clean clothes back.

  • A backpack for walking to or from work.

  • Running shoes, airing between gym and walking home.

  • Bin.

  • Drawers: mostly containing packet soups, tins of tuna, herbal teas and work socks. And a few bits of office paraphernalia.

And if I turn to the right this is what I see:

Very nice.


Suzanne said...

I like the view. That desk is too neat!

Julie said...

wow you have a good view I have no windows I have to walk down the hall to see anything outside. So usually I don't know what it's doing outside before I leave unless someone mentions to me what it's doing (especially right now since the snow has started)

Tink said...

Cool view! I have a nice window that looks into the sales room. Bleh. My desk is messy but bare of personal pictures and such. I keep expecting to LEAVE this place. Five years and counting. Lol.