Friday, 12 September 2014

Whoo it's been a while!

I haven't been blogging lately.

My relationship funk, which started back in Feb last year, finally overcame me recently. I was also repeatedly ill with pretty bad colds, I put on loads of weight (I comfort eat), and it all dragged me down and under and I finally reached the end of my tether.

On the surface everything looked fine though, and Milord was completely taken by surprise a few days ago when I detoured our drive home to a pub for a TALK. A very overdue TALK perhaps, as we haven't ever thrashed out the events of last February. I thought I could just move on, but it didn't happen...

Anyway, the TALK went really well! So well that I feel silly for putting it off for so long.

The cloud of gloom at home has lifted, Milord is more involved with the kids and more affectionate with me, and he says his mood at work has even improved!

During my funk both kids had birthdays! Princess is 5 and King is 3.
We held a party at a local indoor playground in the Pirate Room. All the kids had an absolute ball.
I made Rainbow Cupcakes! I'll blog about that separately...
Friends came from Sydney and stayed for the weekend, and their son and Princess had a Sleepover in her room.

I have also started work on a major project as part of a team working clear on the other side of Canberra. It's keeping me very busy, and blogging isn't possible!

I will try not to disappear for long again though, now that my world is so much better.

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cait/kelly said...

I prood of you. you are the great sister on this earth. hopefully the next one to.