Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Back on Track?

So, I've been a bit sick this winter. Three rather severe colds one after another have not been fun.

Being ill means I don't go to the gym. I don't stick to my diet. Aaaaand I comfort eat junk (and wine) too!

My Fat Jeans are too tight. *eeep*

I feel okay now, and it is time to get back on track! Follow weightwatchers. Cut back on the wine. Stop the snacks. Back to the gym!

I lost half a kilo last week - another half and I'll be back in my Fat Jeans. Then 8kg more to drop the extra dress size I have been carrying around since I had my kids. If I stick to my guns I could do this in 16 weeks... so maybe Christmas? That would be the most awesome present to myself!

It's perfectly do-able. I just need to keep on track!


Suzanne said...

Absolutely reasonable expectation. Good luck!

kelly/cait said...

oh I have also put on weight