Thursday, 28 July 2011

35 Weeks

Weight at conception: 74.5kg
Weight at 35 weeks: 80kg
Loss/Gain since last post: 1kg
Total Loss/Gain: 5.5kg
Bump Circumference: 105cm

Ok, now I'm really over being pregnant! My ribs have started to hurt as they streeetch outward over the poor enormous belleh. Like, really hurt. When I breathe! Coughing and sneezing are agony and normal bending and lifting not much fun... I can no longer let Princess clamber all over me as it's too sore.

Milord didn't realise how bad it was until I had a complete meltdown and sobbed in his arms that "everything huuuurts!". I never get weepy so he was a bit flummoxed and has been treating me like spun glass since! That was a few days ago and my ribs hurt a bit less as they get used to being stretched, but it's still not great. Bras are a problem - I actually went out and got a few new maternity bras with a bigger band size the other day (the cups stayed the same - it's the ribs not the boobs that are an issue), and now they are too tight around the ribcage too. I need to find some bra extenders I think. *sigh* Going without is not an option at this time...

2 weeks to go until this baby is no longer "premature", and I'm hoping he comes ASAP after that! I have had enough.

Apart from that all is well. Our scan showed a baby of perfect average size and a fully functioning placenta, so nothing to worry about there.

Princess has been ill this week - "Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease", which sounds dramatic but it's just a touch of fever, misery, sore mouth and throat and a rash on her hands and feet. She's been a bit of a handful all week but today the rash appeared and now that I know what it is I can treat her with paracetamol and her sunny self is shining through again. Plus she's sleeping a lot better which helps everyone!


waterbob said...

Poor thing! I wish we were closer so that I could rub the back or feet or something to ease or distract you. Our thoughts and loving wishes are with you at this time and over the next while.

greytonsal said...

Oh dear, my sympathies to you and poor little Princess too. I wish I was there already to relieve the pressure a bit. Keep smiling and not long now. Lots of love to you all.

Potters said...

So sorry to hear that Grace has been unwell and you (mummie) have been getting the pregnancy blues, I myself with even 8 weks to go am getting a little.... OK I'm done now.... uncomfortable and Junior always moving;0) Take care and love to all xx