Friday, 15 July 2011

33 Weeks and your Princess Fix

Weight at conception: 74.5kg
Weight at 33 weeks: 78kg
Loss/Gain since last post: 0.5kg
Total Loss/Gain: 3.5kg

The pregnancy is going fine, but I have caught an irritating chest cold. I'm now at the tickly cough stage - for your information honey is a brilliant cough soother. I mix it with lime juice and have a spoonful when the coughing starts and it works! I give Princess the same thing when she has a cough (with a lot less lime juice) and it works for her too. Add a bit of paracetamol to take away the sore throat and I'm mostly ok...

At least Princess seems to be immune to this cold. We've been taking things very easy this week - so lots of puzzles and playing indoors. And telly. Princess came out with a Spanish word during Dora the Explorer the other day - maybe a bit too much telly!

Pics from a park visit this week:

Regarding the Princess - she is a delight. The tantrums have calmed and the talking continues to improve. My life has a running narrative as Princess shadows me around the house: "Mummy shower - bubbles!" "Clean teeth!" "Panti! Bla! Top! Trousers! Sock! Other sock!" "Cuppa tea!" etc etc etc. It's especially funny when I have to bring her into public toilets and the clear loud voice announces "Mummy tinkle wee!"

She's almost counting to 20 and can identify most of the letters of the alphabet! This week she's started giving a peck of a kiss on request to Milord. She loves trying to use a knife and fork and spoon, although it's a messy exercise! She demands singing constantly - "More singing!" - and sometimes tells you which song although the clues are vague "What do you want me to sing?" "Cat!" (I went with the pussycat scaring the mouse under the queen's chair)

Princess is still not walking, but we've come up with a challenge she'll accept to improve her balance - I put slightly sticky flower stickers up at the limit of her reach against the perspex shield in front of the telly and she'll spend ages pulling them off and cruising to the next one. Because there are no handholds and it's a stretch she has to use her core for balance which should improve everything. She loves it and demands "More flower! Reach!" several times a day.

And a couple of videos from the park. Excuse my singing voice - it's my cold!




greytonsal said...

Sorry to hear that you have another cold! I reckon you must pick them up from the slide etc. Snot everywhere! Love the vidoes and all the chatter! Can't wait to join in. By the sound of it I will be learning new words! Thank you for the photos I love to see and hear you both.

Kat said...

I'm loving the chatting :)