Saturday, 26 March 2011

17 Weeks

I'm being really slack with these. I think we have second-child syndrome happening already - with Princess I took photos of the bump every week like clockwork and itemised my symptoms. Now it's a bit old hat!

I'm feeling good. My weight is steady around 70kg. I get the odd sciatica twinge or nosebleed but it's not bad. I can't feel the baby yet but that's probably because my placenta is in the front this time and forms a cushion.

I'll try to take photos and measurements next week!

Update: my bump is 89cm, 2cm less than last time I measured! That makes no sense, as my bump is definitely bigger... I wonder if I've been losing back-fat? Bizarre.

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waterbob said...

You are obviously having a full life with your Mom visiting. Enjoy but keep the fixes coming!