Sunday, 20 March 2011

16 Weeks, and Your Princess Fix

All going well. I've lost a little weight again and my bump feels bigger, although I haven't measured it. I had a checkup last week and all is progressing as it should.

Mom and Princess have bonded like crazy, and while we haven't exactly been hectically busy we have been doing lots together. We visit the pool twice a week, we've been to the zoo, and we visit the park and take walks along the river. Mom and I set up a furniture "obstacle course" every day and tempt Princess to cruise along it with books and biscuits! She's getting quite good at it now, and has started demanding to "walk" from one end of the house to the other too.

When Princess naps we read books or garden, and it is very chilled. Mom's extremely easy to live with (even Milord says so!).


waterbob said...

Thanks for the fix - the pics are great.
So is she walking yet or is it stll assisted?
The wet look make her look as though she is comfortable in the water.
And that last pic of her with her Dad reminds me slightly of your maternal granny. Ask your mom.
What a lovely little lady.

Suzanne said...

It's cool to see how she favors each of you in the different pictures.

Enjoy all the time with your Mum. :)