Thursday, 27 May 2010

Post Preggy Body Update

Been a while, eh?

So here I am nearly 9 months after pregnancy and childbirth. I'm still carrying lots of weight, and sneezing when I need a wee is dodgy, but on the whole I think I'm pretty much back to normal.

My skin has cleared up.
My hair has grown back.
My feet and neck and back no longer ache for no reason.
My boobs fit back into my pre-preggy bras.
The extra pigmentation and linea negra have almost faded away.

I'm feeling strong and well and slightly fit - and it's fantastic. I'd forgotten just now good it is to feel normal.

I feel... ready to do it all again. We've actually been "trying" for a few months now, but each failure has been greeted with an overwhelming sense of relief from me! I wasn't ready. Now I think I am... and of course it also helps that the bank has approved a further loan on our mortgage which means we're back in the black. Phew


waterbob said...

Great to hear that you are feeling well and are considering extending the family. Good luck with the finance thing - only spending what you have or what you have saved for works for us! That ballooning credit thing has bitten me in the bottom once too often.

Nat said...

That's good news about the loan.
Glad you are feeling more like your old self....happy Baby #2 making! ;-)

greytonsal said...

Nice to hear all is going well for you and you are on top of the world again. Just worked out that if you get pregnant in the next couple of months, it would work out well for me coming over next Feb/March! Go for it Kid!!