Saturday, 15 May 2010

Saturday Night

Milord is giving the Princess her bedtime bottle and I have 15 minutes free to sit at my computer. I used to sneer at stay-at-home-mums who couldn't find the time to do more than look after the house and baby. Surely that only takes a couple of hours of the day?


Turns out babies don't like being ignored. Princess is perfectly happy provided I am pushing her in the pram, or holding her, or talking to her, or cooking and cleaning while she watches. Sitting still with a book or in front of the computer is not acceptable!

Recently her naps have become very short - she snoozes for only about half an hour 3 times a day. Where I used to have at least an hour several times a day to sit down with a cup of tea and my book (or update my blog) I now have barely made a piece of toast before Princess is calling me again.

Also, for most of this week Princess has been very clingy. She cries inconsolably for no reason at times which is most unusual. I think she may be teething again. Oh well, in general she is the most delightfully cheerful soul so I shouldn't complain about a few brief abberations. And our nights are pretty good - she goes to bed around 7pm and gets up around 7am.

We've had some screaming during the past few weeks. Princess has lost the knack of falling asleep easily and we went through a couple of weeks of unbelieveable screaming at bedtime and during the night as she got super-tired but couldn't drop off. Luckily (for us), being picked up made the screaming worse so in the end we just closed her door and turned off the monitor and waited it out. 2 hours of screeching became 1 hour of screeching became half an hour of screeching... and now it's quite rare. Phew.

So my house is clean (because she doesn't mind watching me clean) and I'm clocking up the miles with the pram. Meals happen. Laundry is up to speed (provided I move Princess to where she can see me hanging out the washing).

My brain is beginning to atrophy though. I really miss book reading! We do have cable TV but that's not a habit I want to get into during the day. I have now started listening to audio books which is a brilliant solution - and in fact I find that I am getting more detail than when I read the books myself. I'm a skim-reader, and it's amazing how much more there is when a story is read to you word-for-word! I'm on the 4th Harry Potter book, and thoroughly enjoying having it read to me while I walk, feed and bath the baby!!!

One upside of all the walking is that I am now back in my pre-preggy "fat pants". I don't muffin-top over them, and when I stand tall with everything sucked in I think I look pretty good. However.... when I relax, my "mummy-tummy" oozes over the front of my trousers. Ick. Lots and lots of situps are called for, methinks!

Righto. Princess has been put to bed by her dad, and I need to get the dinner together. Chat soon - when I get the chance!


Suzanne said...

It sounds like you've joined the club, most definitely.

The clinginess (and strange nappies) are usually good indicators of more teeth. I hope they show up soon, so that the princess returns to her usual self.

Aren't those Harry Potter books on cd wonderful? Jim Dale does a masterful job!

waterbob said...

Being a sailor Dad, I can't remember you and your sister going through all that but I am sure you did. The need for attention should ease as she starts to get mobile and can start things like sand pits and handle her own toys - and has all her teeth. Unfortunately you two don't have family support where you can leave her for an hour or seven to get a life. Our thoughts are with you.

greytonsal said...

Well, that brings it all back! Yup, teething can make for misery and the need for cuddles and reassurance. Such a pity they cannot understand the reason for the discomfort and feeling unwell. All you can do is rub on soothing gel and cuddle, it will pass and all will be happy smiles again. I can remember never stopping when you and K were babies, phew! was the house clean, the washing ironed etc. etc. Maybe it is one way to make sure you don;t take it easy and get behind with your chores! Once she is mobile then you have to have eyes in the back of your head as she will be off out of your sight and doing something she is not supposed to! Oh the joys!! Keep it up, all your instincts are correct for the making of a gorgeous human being.