Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Life is Beautiful

So I haven't been posting much. You know that thing where a friend goes really quiet and after a while you start to wonder if something is wrong?

Well, in the grand scheme of things my life is fabulous, but I've been stressed. Might as well tell the internet, eh? (ps. Dad, I'm fine really, just feel the need to share what's keeping me awake in the small wee hours)

1. Milord's new salary doesn't quite cover our normal monthly expenses, even when I trim us down to beans on toast every night.
2. We have over $30K in credit card debt. Which is growing.
3. Our mortgage repayments are almost 50% of our income, and the interest rates keep rising.
4. What about random expenses like car and doctor and so on? We have no safety net!
5. I may have to go back to work.
6. The only work that would be worth it would be full time, it can take months to get a daycare placement, and I don't want anyone else looking after my baby!
7. We are supposed to be trying for our next baby but I can't see how we can afford another one - and I don't have that much ticktock time left to stuff about with babymaking.


So here's my happy list:

1. At least I can consider going back to work for good money.
2. Milord occasionally picks up extra work that lifts us over the breadline.
3. We probably have enough equity in the house to move our credit card debt into the mortgage - we are talking to our bank right now.
4. My little family is healthy and - apart from financial stress - happy.
5. I live in a fab part of the world, in a suburb with everything within walking distance.
6. Princess has got to be the happiest, easiest baby on the planet. And she's cute.
7. With the cooler weather we've been having I've been doing lots of walking and my weight is slowly coming down.
8. My husband is awesome. After 2 years married he still acts like I'm special!

Overall, the good stuff wins. It's only money. We'll manage somehow...

Thanks for listening to me vent ;-)


Lisa said...

mwah and xxxxxxx and a little shoulder hug!

Nat said...

Your Happy list is longer than the Sad list, which is a good thing!

Any chance you could do a bit of part time work at home to fit around Princess and Milord being around to look after her?

Hope things get better...sending you positive vibes!

waterbob said...

Been there babe. I can remember it being very tight indeed and eking things out with fishing and making my own beer. Luckily our real friends were in the same boat and the library was free. This will pass and you will all grow because the things on your positive list - health and happiness - are the things that will pull you through.

Hedgehog said...

Shame Mel, We have all been there and some of us are still dangling around the edges, swinging one way or the other depending on circumstances! It does improve and you are such a lovely family and Grace is lucky to have you both.
Love Favourite Auntie!!

Anonymous said...

Keep smiling my love. Your babe is gorgeous, you have a man who loves you and a comfy house. We have all been there and some of us are still deep in it! Easy to say 'keep positive', but it does pass and you will all be stronger for it. God, doesn't that sound patronising! But it is true. All my love to you to keep you warm and happy.

greytonsal said...

I did not mean to be anonymous! Must have pressed the wrong button. Much love and keep praying the lottery comes up one day!