Thursday, 10 December 2009

Hyams Beach Revisited

When I was very pregnant we spent a weekend in a beach house at Hyams Beach, 3 hours south of Sydney. The weekend before last we went back again, with Princess and her Granny (Mom). It was wonderful.

While we have a lovely house after all the renovations, it is still nice to get away from the place from time to time - especially for Milord who has many small DIY jobs looking at him whenever he is home. Away from all that he is able to relax properly and really enjoy doing nothing!

Mom and I looked after Princess, and Milord did all the cooking on the barbeque. Plenty of snacks, nibbles and wine were consumed, books were read, jigsaws were built and movies were watched. We saw dolphins and cheeky parrots, although "Jack" the kangaroo didn't visit us this time. I find a 6 foot kangaroo a bit intimidating so I didn't mind not seeing him! Milord and I took back the night feeds to give Mom a break, and she tells me she slept extremely well with the sound of the sea at night.

Princess slept most of the time. She is going through a stage where she cannot sleep anywhere except a bed, so the 3 hour drive to the beach house was a bit hard on her. We stopped halfway there to give her a feed and nappy change, but the poor darling really needed a proper sleep which she just couldn't manage in the carseat. I rode in the back with her to keep her company - we chatted and sang and pulled faces and fiddled with the dummy. By the end of the trip my back was in spasm down one side! Anyhow, when Princess misses a nap she has to make it up before she is happy, so for the next few days she barely woke except for feeds and changing. She had just come right when it was time to head home again!

We swam in the sea a couple of times, and it was lovely once you managed to get in! The beach is on the shore of a very large bay, so the waves are small and there are no currents to worry about. The water was crystal clear and gorgeous.

We had plans to bushwalk and picnic on beaches, but in the end decided that it would be nicer for everyone if we let Princess be relaxed and happy in the house. I don't think she would have appreciated missing a nap to be carried through bush or deposited on a sandy blanket! It was actually rather pleasant to have an excuse to be lazy!


Kat said...

Sounds lovely!! I did so love this beach when we stopped very briefly... a whole weekend there sounds heaven! Love the picture of the G&T''s (I presume) and bottle!! Wish I lived close enough to just pop over and see you guys for a weekend!

Suzanne said...

That sounds like a delightful finish to a visit with Granny. That beach looks like paradise.