Sunday, 13 December 2009

Post Preggy Body Update

Been a while since I wrote about this... because, in a word, my post-baby body is ... terrible!

I am now 1kg over the weight I was when I got home from hospital after having Princess! My willpower is shot. I have gone up a dress size and I refuse to buy anything at this size, and I refuse to wear maternity stuff, so my wardrobe is extremely limited.

Mom being here for a month was truely wonderful, but not conducive to weight loss. Mom gained 1.5kg while she was here. And so did I. On top of my baby weight!


Now it is December. Milord is on leave until next year. We are about to go away for the holidays. Christmas is looming. I have absolutely no chance of losing weight until January. I am fat. My belly is blobbier than ever before. I am fatter than I have ever been in my life.

So - I'm focusing on January as a new start. I have rejoined Weightwatchers and hired a X-trainer so I have all the tools at my disposal. I am determined to go off the booze for the whole of Jan, and I just know that my fat will melt away at that point. I do about an hour a day on the X-trainer which I've had for a week, and it is making me fitter under the fat... bring on the New Year!

Today's weight: 76.3kg. ugh.

In other news:

My hair is shedding like crazy. Most women dislike this but I'm chuffed! I have such fine hair that when it is thick it goes limp and heavy, and now that it's thinning back to normal I'm getting better lift and volume. I'm also lightening my colour now that Princess is so much easier to handle and root maintenance is not a time issue. I have found a hairdresser locally who does a good short cut and at least my hair looks good!

My boobies have shrunk to a small C. Luckily their shape is still perky.
On the positive side my pre-preggy shirts fit properly again.
On the negative side my belly looks even bigger against little boobs.

I got my first period this year at about 3 months post delivery, and 2 months after stopping breastfeeding. It was a doozie! I've always had light periods, and this was a super-tampon-plus-pad every couple of hours. yuck. I hope the next one is better! No cramping though, for which I am grateful.

Sneezing is no longer a problem bladder-wise so I guess my pelvic floor has regained tone.

Sort of on that subject... Milord has told me that he'd like to try for kid #2 now. I've been saying that when Princess is 6 months old we'll start trying (because I'm almost 38). Which is March and not all that far away. I'm not ready to be pregnant again yet! Even March sounds too soon to go through it all again.

Then again what's a couple of months difference?

So I've told him to shag me loads and see what happens ;-). Could be a very good holiday season!



greytonsal said...

Hmmm! weighed myself this morning hoping your scales were wrong! But, No! exactly as we thought, so I am having to do some serious walking and no wine for a while! Still it was great fun and such a fabulous time being with you and Princess. Missing you madly.

Suzanne said...

Sweetie-40 weeks on, 40 weeks off, okay? You looked fantastic in the pictures of princess and Granny.

Both you and Granny must eat well, because you do not look 38 and she doesn't look old enough to be a granny!

The monthlies do get quite interesting after having children. My first after GameTeen, I was already on the blood thinners for the DVT-it was scary. First after Chef was even worse, but that didn't come for almost a year after he'd arrived (yay, breastfeeding) If it still stays really heavy after 3 cycles, let your doctor know.

Enjoy those holidays! ;)

Nat said...

I agree with and Granny both looking fab!!

Wish I had your motivation as I need to get my sizeable butt into shape (and I have no excuses!).

Happy holidays!

Just Me said...

oh how i understand the feeling with the weight...i went through it similarly. It'll start to come off when you least worry about it or expect it.