Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

The Saffa family is in Coolum (north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia). It is hot and sunny and humid and tropical, but not so hot that we can't sleep at night. We are cat-sitting for friends. They called us a couple of months ago to ask if we'd like to look after their cat, pool and house near the beach... so the airfares here are our presents to each other this year!

Being on holiday with a baby is very different. After a week here we still haven't made it to the beach because I'm not sure a baby should be mixed with heat and sand! I have taken her into the pool a few times and she doesn't exactly hate it but it's not really fun. By the time we were ready to brave the beach Milord came down with man-flu. As he was beginning to recover Princess caught it off him - poor little mite. Guess who has been the better patient?

On Christmas Day we are hoping that she will be well enough to go to the beach for an hour or so. Just long enough for Milord have a swim and Princess to perhaps dip her feet! Then home to air conditioning and a small roast for two.

I like that it is just us here alone for Christmas... for me Christmas is all about love and family. My Dad comes from a huge family himself, but when he and my mother had kids they decided that Christmas Day was for us 4 alone. On Christmas Eve they'd host a party, and on Boxing Day everyone was invited over for a barbeque and pool party, but Christmas Day itself was just us.

Maybe that's why I loved Christmas so much as a child - no weird relatives or generation conflicts - just us. And presents and food!

My family disintegrated when I was 18 and my parents divorced and since then the season has meant very little. I've had "orphans" Christmases all over the world, which are always great fun - mainly because of no weird relatives or generation conflicts! But really it's just another party with bad presents...

This year I have a family of my own. Suddenly it is no longer just a party but again a celebration of love and family. Milord asked me what I wanted to do for Christmas and my answer was: "Christmas is wherever you and Princess are."

It is Princess' first Christmas, but as she's only just under 4 months old we're not really going the present route this year. For Milord and myself, we have decided that going away for Christmas is our present to each other.

I hope that your Christmas is turning out the way you like it too!


waterbob said...

Tried to phone you guys to thank you for that lovely card with the Winged Angel Princess but you must have left already. Have a great one. We are travelling to Franschoek where I will be acting the role of the wierd relative. We are thinking of you three and missing you.

Nat said...

Love the pic of Angel Princess - we have one just like that on show in our lounge, thank you :-)

Hope she gets better soon and you have a fantastic first Christmas together!

May 2010 bring you all good things...

Suzanne said...

Merry Christmas! (or rather, probably Happy Boxing Day by the time you read this).

You've got the right idea. That will be our day tomorrow, the four of us, a ham and a new game system to occupy the menfolk!

Kat said...

Love the top pic of Princess - are they actually wings or just a blanket cunningly shaped? Glad you all had such a lovely family xmas! So wierd to see pics of you guys on the beach - been so cold here and we had quite a bit of snow (although today it has mostly melted) - had a couple days last week where I worked from home as not driving weather! Had fun building some snowmen too! Off to proper snow in Austria early tomorrow!