Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Weight Update

This is a just quick weight post as I know some dedicated dieters pop in from time to time and they'll be interested. I am beginning to write up my trip and I'll bore you to death with it shortly!

Weight Graph March:

I went up a smidgen, but what with a birthday and Easter...

Weight Graph to end of March:

Today's reading is 69.1kg. That means I have put on 1.1kg (2lb) on holiday - that's brilliant actually! I was trying to be good-ish, having fruit for breakfast and so on, and so I put on far less than I could have. I have done no exercise in nearly a month though and am decidedly flabby around the middle - back to the gym tomorrow I think. I'm out of the healthy BMI range again, so I'll be back on diet too... a bit difficult when I'm not working (I'm job hunting) but I have filled the fridge with fruit and celery and low-point soups so hopefully I'll be ok!

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