Tuesday, 29 April 2008


So there I am yesterday afternoon, writing up the next blog post about my wedding trip and sorting through photos, when I realise it's getting late and I need to get the dinner on. Leek and potato soup - nice and low calorie and just the thing for a chilly evening. I chopped leeks, onions and garlic and cooked them in a splash of olive oil until soft, meanwhile beginning to chop the potatoes and carrots.

As you may know, we are staying in a friend's house at the moment, sort of a combination of house sitting and a furnished rental agreement. (We pay a reduced rent and all her personal stuff is filling the cupboards) "Wow" I thought, "Her knives are superb. We have to get some super-sharp ones too when we move..."

Can you see where this is going? Of course you can.

Two minutes later Milord received a shaky phone call at work, he set a new record for getting home, and I was in casualty getting three stitches in my thumb within the hour. The waiting room was empty so I didn't have to wait and the nurse and young lady doctor were very sweet (although "That's so much worse than I was expecting" is not really what I needed to hear).

Stitches in the ball of your thumb really suck. After the fourth jab of local (holy crap that hurts) failed to numb the whole thing I just told her to get on with it while I took deep breaths. I thought Milord was going to faint though.

I am an idiot. But the soup turned out nice!

Edit - Things very hard to do with one thumb:
Shaving the opposite armpit


Kat said...

Ooo... poor you. Sharp knives good, but at the same time very bad! Still at least you got stitches, I did that once with a brand new bread knife and did not think to go to A&E. It bled and bled for ages, and I wrapped a huge bandage around my finger! It looked quite comical. I still have the scar today - I think it would have been less of one if I'd done the sensible thing and got stitches!
Hope it heals quick!

Brynne said...

owwww, I am so sorry, that stinks. and it's too bad they couldn't just glue it. (I have a major fear of needles) so skin glue is my new best friend. I am so sorry that you cut yourself. and I never thougth of some of the things that would be difficult to do without use of your thumb. Hope you heal quickly. BTW the pictures of your wedding and location are spectacular. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Suzanne said...


Hey, we got a little peek at your new wedding band, though!

I hope you're on the mend.