Friday, 25 April 2008

Father of the Bride

I think it was our last night at my Dad's house... we'd all had a few drinks and were sitting around chatting. As with most conversations in the week before our wedding, the subject came around to the event.

My stepmom had mentioned to me that she didn't know what my Dad was intending to wear. His suits didn't fit that well at the moment, and she hadn't been able to get him to go shopping... as our dress code was semi-formal this wasn't too much of a problem provided he had a nice shirt and pair of trousers.

So I asked Dad what trousers he had in mind. "I'll show you!" he said and dashed into the bedroom. When he came back, I can't quite remember what the trousers were like, but the rest of us regarded him in silence for a minute and said "um...". Milord went to our room and returned with his dark, pin-striped denim-type slacks. "Something like this would be better." he said, so Dad tried them on. They fit perfectly, and I'm not sure who was more shocked out of the two of them! So we decided Dad would borrow Milord's trousers.

"Ok, and the shirt?" I asked. Dad produced a never-opened wrapped shirt, pins and all, and opened it to show us. Another long silence ensued. "Are those epaulets? And two breast pockets? You look like you're about go to work!" So Milord fetched out his wedding shirt - a slim-cut crisp white collared shirt with french cuffs, designed short to be worn untucked, and Dad tried it on. He looked fabulous! Obviously he couldn't borrow the shirt, but we instructed them to try to match it.

I hear it then took my folks more than 4 hours of shopping to find a shirt that was acceptable! But on the day my Dad looked trendy, casual but well dressed, and he fitted the look of the wedding party perfectly.

Pretty cool, eh?

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