Thursday, 19 April 2007

South African Holiday Part 4 - Pretoria to the Kruger Park

Part 1 - Sydney - Saldanha
Part 2 - Saldanha - CT
Part 3 - Cape Town
Part 5 - Kruger Park
Part 6 - Kruger - Sydney

We landed in Johannesburg on the afternoon of my birthday, and were met by Stephan who took us home to Pretoria where Shane and their daughters Jodi and Kaelin were waiting with champagne.

As a birthday gift Shane and Stephan had offered to host a gathering for me, and we had a good turnout: my grandmother Mavis, uncle Anthony, aunt Lyn and my cousins Kyle and Ariel, uncle Frank, aunt Vivienne and cousin Bronwyn, and Dave and Tracey and their new son Luke. Shane produced a feast and Stephan cooked an excellent braai and at the end I even got a proper birthday cake with sparklers (luckily not 35 of them as we’d have needed a fire extinguisher)!

Sunday was a slow start, and then the boys went out shopping. Milord wanted to get a new camera, so I waved him off thinking he was going to get a nice digital compact. A couple of hours later he came back with a very (very) expensive digital SLR, and I was so angry I couldn’t actually speak to him for some time. Luckily there were a lot of distractions, and a bit later Milord and I took Shane, Steph and the girls out for lunch. We shared a couple of seafood platters which were lovely and I felt better after a glass of wine. Then the boys took the children for a couple of hours while Shane and I went to the botanical gardens for a bit of quality time. It rained on us a little, but we huddled under our picnic rug drinking wine and talking. Shane is my best friend in all the world, and I really miss having her nearby.

On Monday 12 March Rob and I set off for the Kruger Park. It was a very easy drive, as the N4 freeway runs from near Shane’s place all the way to the southern-most park gate – Malelane Gate. We got there in about four hours.

Part 5 - Kruger Park

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