Thursday, 19 April 2007

Old News - Newsletter April 2007

We went to a house auction (most inner Sydney houses sell by auction, damn irritating) last night but it went past our finance limit so fast it was actually funny! We've been hunting for a month now, and this weekend have decided to take a break. No rush, and our expectations are slowly coming down. Sydney is sooooooo expensive! Half a million dollars gets you a hovel.

Easter was very quiet, we are still absolutely skint. It rained most of the time so we lazed about reading the paper and watched movies. A spot of gardening when it dried long enough... nice ;-). A couple of meals out and at friends, and I beat him around The Bay by 3 seconds heh heh heh. We went to the Easter Show which is not really our thing... I know where milk comes from, thanks.

Milord had a birthday last week and we had a mob around for a barbie, but it was a schoolnight so fairly civilised. I spoiled him rotten starting over the Easter weekend, although as he'd bought "us" a $2000 camera the other day he only got token pressies ;-). More than I got grumble grumble rhubarb...

My visa application is dragging along. I have received one out of three police checks back (Oz, still waiting for UK and SA), and my medical exam has turned complicated... I have to see a urologist now. I feel healthier than I've ever been, so it's probably nothing! I'll keep you posted ;-).

On Sunday we are doing our first dive in ages, helping remove fishing line from the seabed... Should be interesting, and a good excuse to buy a dive knife!

Work is pretty dull - we have a major release going out this week so we're sitting around while it goes through testing. Not enough bugs obviously! Plenty of time for browsing and blogging, but the days drag...

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