Friday, 23 March 2007

South African Holiday Part 1. Sydney – Saldanha

Part 2 - Saldanha - CT
Part 3 - Cape Town
Part 4 - Pretoria - Kruger
Part 5 - Kruger Park
Part 6 - Kruger - Sydney

Milord and I have just come home after a couple of weeks in South Africa. We spent a week in Cape Town, and then a week in Pretoria and the Kruger National Park. It was very rushed, as it was his first time and I wanted to show him everything, as well as catching up with my friends and large family.

On Friday 2nd March we flew from Sydney to Johannesburg. It seems there are only a couple of carriers who fly direct from Sydney to SA, so we picked Qantas into Jhb. It’s a bit more expensive than dog-legging, but I hate transit so chose to go direct. The flight left Sydney at 10:30am, and landed in Jhb 14 hours later at 3:30pm (just before midnight Sydney time). Yes, I know, the time difference does my head in too!

My cousin Lisa picked us up from the airport, and took us home for the night. She stays in a lovely little townhouse in a secure development with her 5 year old son Jack. That night Lisa kindly offered to host a gathering, and a mob came around. Those who came over were my cousin Cal with partner Bear and children Cieran, Connor and Justin, my cousin Kean with fiancee T, my aunt Hilary, Lisa’s boyfriend Schalk, and my old friends Chris, Madeleine and HJ.

It was great fun see everyone, and I just didn’t have enough time to talk properly to each person. Milord handled it all very well, although when the rugby was switched on he jumped at the opportunity to quietly chill out in front of it. I had to shake him awake to be sociable!

We were asleep by midnight I think, and as is my rather annoying habit in a strange bed I was awake with the dawn. Luckily so were Lisa and Schalk and I joined them for a coffee as the day started, which woke Milord too. By the time Hilary arrived to take us to the airport we were ready to go back to bed!

We flew Kulula to Cape Town (it was delayed by an hour), and it was a fun flight. They are trying to be a comical airline, and the usual patter was embellished with humor like: “In the event of loss of cabin pressure oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling. Today your oxygen will be provided free of charge courtesy of the crew.” Their sandwiches were surprisingly good too.

Part 2 - Saldanha - CT


Yzerfontein said...

Both South African Airways and Qantas operate non-stop flights from Sydney to Johannesburg (Qantas has clearly got better advertising!).

Derica said...

Well written article.