Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Walking on Sunshine

I am happy.

  1. I have a new job! I start in just over 2 weeks. I had a wonderful feeling from the people interviewing me and I am feeling very excited about this one.

  2. My income is going to double!

  3. Milord has negotiated a promotion and huge raise and a cut of profits.

  4. Princess is still loving school and she got a merit award last week. Nerd child - just like her mummy! She is so close to reading and writing already, it is awesome.

  5. I have been slowly losing some weight this year. I am back in my "fat" jeans LOL.

  6. Work is still very busy, but as I am leaving the project in 14 days I am spending more time documenting stuff than coding, and I am not working overtime any more!

  7. My birthday was yesterday. Milord and I took the day off and spent the day around Canberra, visiting art galleries and eating good food with lots of fine wine, and we ended by spending the night in a posh hotel.

Life is good! We are out of the long dark tunnel of the past 2 years.

Hmm, what else?

  • I bought Milord a golf club membership as an early birthday present, and he is happily getting back into the swing of it. It is nice not to have him moping around the house all weekend!

  • Princess now has glasses. And the optometrist reckons she still isn't using her eyes together, so we are off to the specialist again. wah.

  • King has made a BFF at daycare. The other day his BFF didn't come to daycare (they have cut his days because he is getting a baby sibling) and King cried himself to sleep about it. I am trying to set up playdates for the poor little blokes.

  • Mom and I have started doing jigsaws - the kids are finally old enough to leave them alone. We are enjoying them enormously.

Princess and I had some quality time the other day. Haircut, chocolate cake, eye test...

On the day of my interview I met Mom and King for lunch afterwards.

Me on a post-interview high!

Princess with her new glasses. "Just like yours Mummy!"

Milord and me at the Very Posh Hotel for my birthday evening.

And the view this morning - if you look carefully you can see 17 hot air balloons in the morning sunshine!


Shona said...

You guys have waited a long time for happy to come. Enjoy all the joy it brings!

Photos are lovely, can't believe the kids have grown into little people :)


lisa said...

So awesome, Cuz. I keep meaning to write that letter to you but hope you catch up on facebook. Its about all i can manage these days and its probably the most read! well well done on the tunnel-exiting! In the news, I have a nephew. Just the most gorgeous little thing. I will share my S-I-L's pics of him. His name is Hugo. Too dear!

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday! Love all the good news, and good on you for getting a new job with lots more money!