Friday, 3 October 2014

Friends without kids

Milord and I are at a stage in our lives where most of our good friends have small kids too. Almost all the people we used to party with 8 years ago have married and settled down and had babies at about the same time we did.

One couple hasn't had (can't have) kids. They have been very good about continuing to invite their friends with kids to visit and stay over (although they now limit it to 2 familes at a time)...


It feels like we are imposing these days. When our kids were babies and we were all in Sydney visiting was pretty easy, but now our kids are Loud! and Destructive! and Rude! and Always. In. Your. Face! That's just how 3,4,5,6-year olds are, and I will probably miss it when they are teens and won't come out of their rooms.

Last weekend was a long weekend in Canberra, and we drove 5 hours to spend a couple of nights with our childfree friends and another couple with kids the same age as ours. The kids got along great, the grownups drank and ate too much, it should have been fun.

Milord said he could almost feel the resentment rolling off our childfree friends towards the kids, and they seemed to avoid being around them. It didn't help that Princess had an upset tummy the first night and threw up across a couch and carpet, or that the little boys were determined to dig in the forbidden dirt (seriously?). Or that in the somewhat rundown house everything anyone touched seemed to fall apart (toilet seat, blind winder, draft excluder, tap handle... it got silly).


It was a relief to drive 5 hours home again where the kids could just be themselves with no judging. Maybe next time our childfree friends can come to stay with us instead.

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