Friday, 10 October 2014

Counting Chickens

Milord is being headhunted! He has just had a first interview for a job that sounds far more his style for a bigger organisation and bigger money. We are hoping like crazy that he will called back for a second interview!

We shouldn't be counting our chickens before they hatch, but we wouldn't be our usual upbeat, positive, impulsive selves otherwise, now would we?

In other news, last weekend was another long weekend (I don't know why they can't spread them out a bit more) and gloriously hot. The temps climbed to the high 20s and we all wore shorts and sundresses for the first time since last summer.

On Saturday we took the kids to the park again, and this time I took wellies and they paddled in the pools and streams. Next time I will also take a change of trousers as they managed to get soaked anyway!

On Sunday we went to the indoor pool for swimming lessons and general mayhem.

And on Monday we did some DIY. The smallness of our backyard has been an annoyance since we moved in a year ago. So last weekend we uprooted several large bushes and put them in pots around the side of the house, then laid fake grass where they had been, then inflated our huge paddling pool on the grass and erected a marquee over the pool. Pow - instant lawn and pool! The kids were seriously impressed.

We also plan to install a security screen door at our front door so that we can get a breeze through the house on hot days - the breeze always comes from the front of the house, and I am not comfortable having the door standing open with no barrier.

Although we are holding off on that for the moment in case Milord lands this job and we have to move closer. And find a new school for Princess. And a new daycare for King. And maybe need another car. And have more income and afford some other essentials like couches that are not broken and bigger beds for the kids and and and...

Aaargh - I hate this part!

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Suzanne said...

Fingers crossed for Milord!

Totally understand the punch list of things to do with a bigger paycheck, still going through that here. The furniture has to wait, though, just in case we move overseas!