Thursday, 3 April 2014

Weight and Fitness

I don't mention my weight much anymore in this blog. Mainly because even I am bored with hearing myself whinge about how the post-baby fat Just. Doesn't. Go. Away!

I haven't given up. I'm still attempting weightwatchers during the week (although we're on a diet holiday right now because Sis is visiting) and still going to the gym regularly (2 to 3 times a week).

I'm getting back into jogging on top of the spin classes I usually do. At the gym, because I just don't have that sort of time when I'm home...

2 weeks ago I ran 5km in 42 minutes.
1 week ago I ran 5km in 41 minutes.
Today I ran 5km in 39 minutes.

My goal is to run 5km in 30 minutes. That's 6 min/km, and that's how fast I used to be able to run 5km before I had kids. When I was a dress size smaller. Surely that level of fitness will bring me back to that dress size? Surely?!


A couple of weeks ago I went through all my boxes and pulled out all my size 12s (If you are an American reader that's like an 8). I'm currently size 16. I can't believe I used to fit in those clothes - they're tiny! I haven't fitted in them since my first year of being in Australia - a husband who loves food and wine and a less active lifestyle blew me into size 14 quite quickly. That was 7 years ago and those clothes have followed me in boxes from house to house...

I have given up on seeing size 12 again. I sent most items to charity and gave a box of really lovely things to a skinny woman at work. I think she is shocked to have my old clothes fit her so well!

I have not given up on size 14. I will not give up! One of these days the exercise has to start making a difference, and the other 90% of my wardrobe will be wearable again.

Oh, and I'm currently 76kg.

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