Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Day in the Life of the Saffa Chick

2am. Something wakes me. Maybe Milord snoring, maybe a squawk through the baby monitor. I yawn, visit the loo, and walk the length of the house to check on the kids. In our next house I hope the master bedroom is closer to the other bedrooms - this would be perfect if I had teens, but it doesn't work for toddlers! I tuck both kids back under their covers and go back to bed. Luckily I am good at going back to sleep.

6:31am. Princess has a special clock in her room that shows a sun when she is allowed to get up. The sun shows at 6:30am on a work day. If she has been waiting for it then she arrives at my bedside within moments! I either hear her coming or jump out of my skin when she says "Good morning, Mummy!" right next to my head. I remove her nappy (she is not night trained yet, although we keep trying) and she climbs into bed between Milord and me for a cuddle.

7am. My alarm goes off and I go to have a shower. Mom has a shower at about the same time in the other bathroom, which generally disturbs King so Milord gets him up too.

7:30am. I am showered, dressed and have done my makeup with a little help from Princess. King has usually visited carrying his bunnies to say "Goo morni, Mummy!" and wandered off again. I tidy the bedroom then head to the living room for a coffee while Milord hits the shower. Mum is dressed too and has a cup of tea. We give the kids water, turn on iPads, select the kiddie TV channel and discuss groceries and dinner menus.

7:50am. Milord is dressed and ready to go. We gather up laptops and lunches and head to the door. Mom and both kids see us off with kisses and waves, which is very nice. Some days Milord rides a bicycle to work (then comes home with me with the bike in the back of the car) and some days we drive in together and he drops me off on the way to his office.

8:20am. I walk into my office. There are usually a couple of folk in before me - we are slightly flexible on working hours. I make another coffee, check my email, and settle into the work day. I have a muesli bar for breakfast, and there is a huge bowl of fruit on my desk for snacking throughout the day.

12pm. I walk briskly to the gym, change, do a workout, shower and walk back to the office. This all takes more than an hour but I work more hours than I am paid for so I don't care. Heat up a low-calorie microwave meal and eat it at my desk.

6pm. Let me out of here! The aircon goes off at 5pm in the office so by the time I leave the room is warm and stuffy and I have had enough. Step outside in the fresh air to find Milord waiting for me.

6:30pm. Home. Big greetings from the kids who are in the middle of bathtime with Mom. Pour a glass of wine.

7pm. The mad bedtime ritual of teeth cleaning, last wees, nappies on and bedtime stories. Lullabies. Last kisses, last sips of water, last hunt for a toy wanted in bed. At least one tantrum.

7:30pm. The kids are playing in their room. Another glass of wine. Either pitch in with cooking dinner or chat with the cook or watch the evening news.

8pm. Dinnertime. We watch something on TV. More wine. Maybe some fruit after the meal.

9pm. Stop the wine! Switch to water.

9:45pm. Get the kids up for a wee. Change nappies if necessary. Tuck them back in and remove any hard toys from their beds.

10pm. Clean teeth, wash face, into bed. Read my Kindle for a little while then switch it off and snuggle down...

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