Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Where does the time go?!

  1. I had a birthday! Mom and Milord gave me a new Kindle, which is practically an iPad these days. All I wanted was a book that glowed in the dark so that I could read in bed without my bloke moaning... now a have a very sexy tablet too.

  2. I love being able to read in bed again.

  3. My birthday fell on a public holiday that only exists in my new state. Awesome.

  4. Several friends have made the trip to see us lately. We have great friends.

  5. My raise kicked in at the end of Feb - woohoo! Our improved circumstances mean that we get less childcare benefit and the increase in daycare costs just swallowed my whole raise. Fuckit.

  6. My sister is here from South Africa for a visit. It is her first overseas trip since she was 9. It has rained for all but 3 days of her trip so far.

  7. The kids think their Aunty is great because she is happy to play for hours.

  8. Princess has definitely emerged from the Terrible stage and is a sweet, polite, chatty little lady again. King has taken her place in Terrible-land. We look forward to getting him back in about a year.

  9. Being at work all day means I hardly see my kids. But it also means I don't see many tantrums either!

  10. Autumn is here. The trees are turning colour, the mornings are crisp, and our heating has started coming on automatically in the early hours.

  11. My recently-returned-from-maternity-leave co-worker has nowhere to go to express breastmilk except a toilet cubicle. I feel bad for her, and I absolutely cannot use the other cubicle while she's at it!

  12. We are about to consolidate our credit card debt into our mortgage. We are so lucky to still have our Sydney house! Thank you to Milord's Mum whose bequest let us buy it in the first place, my Dad's bequest which let us hang onto it, and my most generous Aunt who covered a few payments.

  13. This coming Friday is my 6th wedding anniversary.

  14. Next week I write the test to become an Australian citizen!

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Suzanne said...

Happy birthday, happy anniversary, and I'm sure you'll do well on the citizenship exam!