Saturday, 13 July 2013

On the cusp

So, on Wednesday I interviewed for a job in Canberra. I caught the Greyhound coach there the day before and stayed with friends in town. My interview went very well, and I walked out feeling that I'd aced it!

A little later the agent rang me to say they liked me, but had to get approval from the CEO before they could make me an offer. So I waited.

On Thursday the agent contacted me to get personal references from my old team members at the Big Bank I used to work in. This took a bit of doing, as I last worked there nearly 4 years ago and I haven't really stayed in touch with those people! After hours of tracking folk down I was able to give the agent 2 referees. Then I waited.

On Friday I rang the agent to see what was happening. It seems the client has been a bit busy and hasn't even looked at the references yet! Maybe he'll get to them on Monday. So I'm waiting.

I am so stressed!

Until I receive and accept a job offer I haven't landed the job.
Until I land the job I can't househunt for a place for us in Canberra.
Until I have a house I can't look for daycare for the kids.
Until all that is sorted we can't move out and let our current house in Sydney.
Until we are settled in Canberra Milord can't really look for work for himself.

I am grumpy and tired and restless when I should be thrilled and excited and energised.

Bugger it.


Janey said...

I'm aching for you! I do so hope you get it.

Love, Janey

Disabled Sweet "P" said...

you will get silly