Sunday, 14 July 2013

First Impressions of Canberra

I am almost sure of a job in Canberra, so we may be moving there very shortly. Canberra was purpose-built 100 years ago to be the capital city of Australia. These are my first impressions during the 2 days I was there interviewing:

Very dry and sunny and extremely cold - think of a Highveld winter. Frost and brown lawns under a clear pale sky. I know that in summer it gets very hot - we will need central heating and aircon in the house we choose.

Lots of space. Large properties and wide streets. Cycle lanes everywhere.

Not much traffic. The morning rush in the city centre was less than we get in my current suburb!

My friends who live in Canberra find the place a bit sterile and miss the big-city buzz of places like Sydney or London. With 2 small kids I don't exactly experience the buzz of Sydney anymore anyway, so I don't think this will be a problem!

The people seemed friendlier than in Sydney. Perhaps the slower pace lets people connect more.

I like the way the city is planned around lakes and museums.

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Shona said...

Have never been to Canberra as I guess coming in from NZ one really only goes there if they are associated with Governments.

Your report sounds superb. Will be a great place for your family. I'm assuming your Mum will move too, is that right?

Fingers are still crossed however in pretty sure your talents will sway the powers that be as opposed to my digits crossed ;)