Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Toilet Training

We do not have a great track record with toilet training Princess. I cannot believe my Mom started potty training her when King was born... 15 months ago!

In general Princess has gotten with the program. She does every poo and many wees on the toilet every day, and wears nappies only to sleep. She had started calling for wees in the night, and I figured we were on the downhill run.


Lately, she's been wetting herself a lot in spite of being asked if she needs a wee shortly beforehand. At Kindy, on my bed, on my couch - and not just a bit of dampness before she alerts me to needing a tinkle, but a ginormous full bladder release! She doesn't want to get up at night to wee, and literally fights going to the toilet.

It is driving me mental!

Milord suggested getting cross with her, and maybe taking away privileges. I dunno. My life has enough toddler bickering and whining in it right now without adding more! Plus I'm pretty sure Princess is using her weeing as a power play.

So, time for a positive spin on the toilet training and added incentives. Today we started: a sticker chart! Princess loves these stickers - she has done double her usual wees in order to get stickers on her chart.

If Princess gets to bathtime with no accidents then she can have a mini box of smarties. We were rewarding her with smarties for doing a poo on the loo, but now she's going to have to go all day without an accident to get her reward.

Bizarrely, Princess seems to be in a better mood today too - maybe the piddle power play was doing her head in too!

2 hours to go. Wish me luck!

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