Wednesday, 5 December 2012


So, the sticker chart worked like a charm yesterday! All day Princess happily tinkled on the toilet and chose her stickers.

At bathtime Princess did one final wee and got her mini box of smarties and ate them while I ran the bath. Then she played happily with King in the bubbly bath while I sat close by and read my book and occasionally fished King out from under the water and set him spluttering upright again. (What is it with babies trying to kill themselves all the time, anyway?)

Princess read books happily with Milord while I sorted King out, and they both went happily to bed. And I sat down happily next to Milord and said "That was the nicest day I've had with Princess in ages."


Today I woke up tired after doing some programming work for Milord last night. Princess wouldn't sit on the toilet, didn't want to take off her nappy, didn't want her hair brushed, and did a huge wee on my couch before 7:30am in spite of me asking "Want to come do a tinkle and get a sticker?!" every 10 minutes.

Oh for fuck sake.

I'm losing my mummy mojo. It just isn't fun right now. Today is a Kindy day, and when I have King alone I try to give him some quality mummy time. He is sweet and cheerful and loving and I lasted 15 minutes playing on the floor before I turned on the TV for him to watch instead and walked away.

Meh. I need a holiday.

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