Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Legs and Stuff

We are having a quiet week. Milord had surgery on his left leg last Friday and is a bit of an invalid...

Milord's left knee has been troubling him lately. I should say "troubling him more than usual" actually, because as an aging rugby forward his knees were ruined many years ago and are always a bit of an issue. However, his left knee flared up badly a few weeks ago and so last week Milord went along to the GP for a specialist referral. While he was there the GP also decided Milord's leg veins were looking dodgy (Milord was aboard a helicopter in the Air Force that had a crash landing decades ago, and some of his left leg veins have been varicose ever since). So he also threw in a vein scan.

3 days later Milord was in hospital having a load of defective veins removed! Seems they were pretty bad and were even harbouring a clot so had to come out ASAP. It's fairly major surgery as they had to go deep to get some of them, and Milord has been weak as a kitten since. He's been a very good patient though as it's not too painful, and he is encouraged to be mobile so he's walked to the shops and to the park over the weekend. Now Milord is back at work, although he's taking it easy and coming home early if he runs out of steam. We are still waiting to hear about his knee!

In other news we are adding 2 feet of privacy screen to 15m of our fence where the raised house extension overlooks the bad neighbour's place (apparently we should have done this as part of our reno). While I'm thrilled that soon I shan't be able to see the bad neighbour any more, we really can't afford the $2000 cost right now - especially not on top of Milord's doctor's bills. Plus I'm flying to South Africa again in August to visit Dad who is not doing well.

But enough about money!

The kids are awesome. King is getting over a horrible headcold, and Princess is testing her boundaries by running away from me when we walk to the shops. Next time I'm going to make her wear a backpack with a leash!

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Greytonsal said...

Simpathies to Milord and hope he is feeling 100% by now. Princess running away? This is what would normally have been happening a year ago - thank your lucky stars she has a bit of sense now that she is that much older! At last the backpack will come into its own, if it still fits!