Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Your Royal Fix

I have heaps to write about, but little inclination. We are all well.

We are trying to finish off our house to let it, and are looking around for a bigger place to rent before Mom gets here in December. So far the estate agents are frothing at the mouth for a chance to let our place! By moving a little further from the city we should be able to afford a couple more bedrooms and a bigger yard. Hopefully without obnoxious neighbours... I have plenty to write about that subject but perhaps should not commit anything to writing!

I have a robot vacuum cleaner. It is AWESOME! Vacuuming is a pet hate, and now I just have to flick a duster into the odd nook or cranny the thing can't reach every so often (or just leave it until the cleaners come every 2 weeks!). King finds "Mo" (nickname chosen from Wall-E - it's the little cleaner bot who follows him around going "Foreign Contaminant!") fascinating, and Princess ignores him unless he actually bumps her ankles.

Looking for puddles in her new wellies. Princess hardly falls down now, but she still walks with her elbows up like a marionette!

More puddles.

Rocking the Peruvian jacket - hi Aunty Jane!



Mummy! He's breathing on me!

Helping mummy make biscuits... 

Solids. Finally we progress past biscuits! Broccoli is a big hit, especially the pulverising part.


Suzanne said...

Mum is coming-permanently? That would be so wonderful!

greytonsal said...

Lovely, lovely photos - they look so English, must be the puddles! They are both growing so fast - can't wait to make jam tarts with Princess!