Friday, 27 July 2012

Growing Up!

Princess had her first day of Preschool/Kindergarten/Nursery School today! She's a bit younger than they usually take (because she turns 3 in September she was only supposed to start in January) but they had spaces free and I reckoned she was ready.

Princess had a ball! I got there at 2 to pick her up early, as that is usually right in her nap zone, and Princess was still bounding around all over the place. We came home and after a snack (she hardly touched her packed lunch) I tucked her, protesting, into bed where she immediately conked out.

The teachers say she did very well, and next week I'll leave her til 3 and see how she goes. At the moment she is only attending one day a week, but in September we might increase that to 2 days a week.

My baby is growing up!

...but not too fast ;-)


Julie said...

WOW! She has gotten BIG! and she looks very happy with herself. last time I was on here you were pregnant with your second (I think) I can't remember and then I fell off the face of the earth (did you miss me?)

From what I've been told they all grow up too fast.

Greytonsal said...

Lovely - her mother all over again!