Thursday, 14 June 2012

Long Weekend

I don't feel like writing lately. Dad is awfully ill, and that makes everything else seem petty...

Anyway. Last weekend was a long weekend here in Oz, and we went away to visit friends. Princess' godparents have just bought a little hotel (8 rooms arranged around a small lake/dam on many acres of land where kangaroos wander past) in the Hunter Valley - a wine region about 3 hours from my house. While the hotel rooms are fully equipped, the owner's residence is still a bit sparse and the guest wing has no more than a bed in each room... but then what more do you really need?!

Milord went there last Tuesday to help move furniture around and have a little fun, and Princess, King and I drove up on Friday. The kids were brilliant on the drive. I timed things so that King was fed just before we left and he doesn't mind napping in the car, and Princess snacked all the way on fruit, biscuits and carrot and celery sticks... yes, she's not your normal toddler! Half an hour into the trip she asked if we were almost there, but luckily she's a good girl, plus I had enough of her toys with reach to keep her happy.

Other close friends with a 4 year old girl (J) and 2 year old boy (M) were also invited. I had my doubts because in gatherings before the kids (J and M plus others) have been a shrieking mass barreling past Princess and generally bowling her over, but this time it was a perfect mix! Princess can walk now, albeit a little unsteadily, and J and M were gentle with her. They were constantly taking her by the hand and leading her off into the distance, teaching her to roll down slopes and throw oranges in the orchard, picking her up when she fell and slowing right down to her pace. King is still at the sit and watch (or scoot backwards on his tummy) phase, but he had plenty to watch and was very happy to park on the camping mattress (no rug yet) in front of the log fire and observe chaos.

The Hunter Valley is a lot more inland than Sydney, and gets a lot colder. There was frost on the grass in the mornings but the house was well heated and cosy and we had plenty of layers for going outside. The company was pleasant - while the people are more Milord's friends than mine, the place was big enough and the kids distraction enough so that the certain folk who can't hold their drink weren't a bother. One can always say "Oops, gotta check on King!" to get away from an idiotic debate...

Milord cooked all breakfasts (champagne brunches), lunches were help-yourself, and dinners were shared among the other couples so it was very relaxed catering. Mornings start at 5:30am with King (ugh) and being with friends means late nights, so we were pretty knackered, but to be honest I haven't known what it is to be rested for the last 9 months anyway! Milord surprised me by organising a masseuse one morning though, and that was awesome!

Princess had a ball with acres to explore and nice kids wanting to play with her. Milord hung out with some of his best mates, and I had a lovely time too and enjoyed not needing to do laundry or cooking (except for the kids). I ran around once with the vacuum and somehow managed to avoid the dishes heheheh.

The weather was clear and cold most of the weekend, but on Monday morning when we were due to drive home it started to rain. A bit stressful on the roads, but luckily the kids were brilliant again and we got back to our little, delightful, well-equipped house without incident, put the kids to bed for a nap and relaxed with a glass of wine. Ahhhhhhh.... it's always good to come home!

I have video from the weekend, but it needs editing. I'll post it once I get the hang of things!

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Thanks for the pics and tales of progress. Really needed the fix today!