Monday, 30 April 2012

Pics from South Africa

King is a complete charmer. His sunny nature and wonky smile melted the most childfree of hearts, and his giggle had everyone queuing up to tickle him! Of course he is at the best age right now - very interactive but immobile and unable to argue.

The only pictures I have without King in them are from the seafront walk I did pushing him in the pram. This is Muizenberg Beach, where an old friend's company has a flat that he lent to me. The best view was from outside the door to the walkway! I grew up on Muizenberg Beach, as Dad was a surfing dude and we were always at the beach - I loved it.

Here are a couple of shots of Dad.

He actually looks brilliant, as he picked up a nasty skin complaint in hospital which caused his skin to peel off like cellophane, and now he has a baby's bum complexion! Of course he's extremely skinny and a bit gaunt, but if you didn't know him you'd probably not notice how very thin he is. When I left Dad was consuming at least 6 meals a day to build himself back up again, so hopefully he no longer weighs less than me!

Also a shot of King with StepGranny, and with Sis.

That's about it. I took very few photos - it just wasn't that kind of trip. I did take along a brand new video camera but hardly used it... which is just as well because I have somehow wiped all the videos before working out how to download them! Gah.

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waterbob said...

What a great little fella. Such a sunny disposition and a joy to be around. Thanks so much for the effort that you both made to let me meet him.