Thursday, 26 April 2012


Actually, I have been home for a week! Kids, jet lag, and a rotten Internet connection have stopped me emailing, never mind blogging! This is just a quick note to say I am alive, sent from Milord's iPad.

 My trip to South Africa was as good as a trip to see a terminally ill parent can be. All my friends and family rallied to organise me a car, accommodation, babyseat, cot, toys etc. Plus folk came visiting at very short notice once Dad was out of hospital and things calmed down a bit.

I can't upload pics right now, so let me just say that when I got to Cape Town Dad was finally being allowed unmasked and ungowned visitors, so he could meet King and have a hug from me. Over Easter Dad was released from hospital, and although extremely frail he was very happy to go home.

By the time I flew home a week ago Dad was much better, and he tells me he is now driving a little bit too, although still having to take things very easy.

Obviously the lung cancer isn't going anywhere. At the moment Dad is trying to decide on life quality vs quantity, a hell of a thing to have to contemplate, especially with a doting wife to consider.

 I will write a better post once my computer can connect again!

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