Sunday, 6 May 2012

Your Royal Fix

I don't think I've mentioned it, but while Princess was pretty much ok with me being gone for 2 weeks she did have Milord and the Nanny wrapped around her little finger while I was gone!

Princess totally refused to walk or to to use the toilet (only the potty) while I was away. I sorted out the toilet thing within half a day (I'm not dealing with dirty potties if I don't need to! Luckily she can't get down once plonked up there, so had to stay no matter how much she complained until her business was done) and I worked really hard on getting the walking thing back up to speed too.

It took a day or two for Princess to get steady again, as after 2 weeks of only crawling she was a bit wobbly, but then we were back to where we'd been. I make a point of walking somewhere every day, even if it's just around the shops, and Princess holds onto the pram or my hand.

A few days ago Princess let go of the pram while I was paying for something and started to wander off! This is a first for us, and a harbinger of things to come, no doubt. So then I decided she was probably ready to walk 50m to the park unaided... and she did so perfectly! A bit like a clockwork toy, but no tumbles, and she was so chuffed with herself that she just kept on going around and through the park for ages. That was Friday, and we did the same on Saturday and Sunday too.

I have a walking Princess! At 2 years 8 months she is finally up and away! I imagine I'll be less thrilled about this shortly, but right now I'm over the moon.

Here is Princess being a Fairy. She has to have her wings and wand to watch the The Fairies tv show ;-)

Fairy Dancing.

Why yes, Cinderella, you shall go to the ball! (Either that or she's trying to turn him into something?)

While we were away King made a couple of giant strides of his own... he mastered sitting and started eating solids!

She is trying to kiss him and he is trying to grab her - the day he gets it right we're going to have trouble!

Who me? Butter wouldn't melt...

King may have started solids but so far he only really likes biscuits. He won't open up for mush, but bigger bits of banana and avocado etc make him gag and throw up. I have decided that nomming on biscuits is just fine! He'll get to the rest when he is ready... I do try him with other food every so often, then mop up the vomit and hand him a biscuit. It's not like he's wasting away!

Biscuit mmm!

This was from this morning in the park. Funny how when I lived in the UK 15C was a nice balmy day, and here I have to really wrap us up because it's cold!

And a couple of random shots of Princess at the top of the slide, disappearing into the distance, and playing with the iPad.


waterbob said...

Great kids, super pics and we're thrilled about the walking.

Kat said...

Yay about the walking!! I love the pics ;)