Saturday, 3 December 2011

The King

King is 3 months old. He's usually a really cheerful little chap and has started happily cooing and gurgling to us. I have a feeling he's going to be as vocal as his sister!

He's a big lad. He weighed 7kg and was 63cm tall a week or so ago, which puts him at the 90th percentile of the "normal" range. At the same age Princess was 5.5kg.

Most nights King settles around 9pm and only wakes once for a feed. His day naps don't have much of a pattern, but this could be because Princess' needs often come first so we are out and about a fair bit. Luckily King loves being out and moving in the car/pram/carrier! He sleeps or watches the world go by.

King adores his Big Sister. Which is a good thing because she enjoys stroking his head and "kissing" him (touching noses is how she kisses us).

Our only concern is his wonky mouth... When he was born we were told he had a skew jaw from how he'd been lying inside me, and it'd come right. 2 months later it still hadn't, so I went back to the pediatrician. Now it seems King may be missing the nerve that controls the cheek muscles on one side... so when he cries or smiles his mouth doesn't pull back on the left. He also has no dimple or nose-to-mouth grooves on that side.

(I've been told to document his facial movements when crying and smiling to see if there is change - I don't usually photo my kids crying!)

The bad news is that it won't get better.

The good news is that it won't affect his speech or eating, and someday we could try a surgical workaround. It's also not as bad as it could be - he can close his eye and furrow his brow and he does smile a little on the left...

Isn't that a gorgeous smile? How much more gorgeous would it be if it wasn't wonky?

*sigh* I shall just have to get over myself and accept that my boy has a skew smile. Yes yes whatever, but my child shouldn't be wonky!


waterbob said...

His happy face is where it is most obvious, but it is such a great smile! Great pics although it looks scarey where he is perched off the ground - and the Princess is growing up so fast now.

greytonsal said...

Yes, he shouldn't have a wonky smile because he is yours, but he has such a happy face that it won't matter to anyone after the first second! He is gorgeous and such a lovely photo of Princess kissing him. Keep those photos coming!

Kat said...

Gorgeous photos of king and princess!