Friday, 2 December 2011

I'm being tested!

Things you don't really want to happen when you are handling your kids solo:

1. Princess doing a huge poo in the bath. Even though I was in the bathroom I was busy with King and didn't notice until the water was all brown. And she was drinking it! *shudder* I hate potty training.

2. A huge wasp invades the living room (I'm allergic to bees and terrified of wasps). Turns out it was after the enormous spider!!! Luckily both kids were elsewhere... I drenched the spider in bugspray (I think it was already paralysed, but I wasn't taking any chances) and then emptied half a tin towards the wasp who thankfully flew out the door. Then I flicked the spider out too. I hope the wasp doesn't come back looking for it! (Hey cuz, I thought of you - remember when I stayed over and your fella was out and we dealt with a great big spider?!)

3. King stops settling at 9pm and instead screams until 10:30pm. Then wakes twice in the night instead of once. Then does a huge poo at dawn so only goes back to sleep as Princess wakes up. God I'm tired.

2 nights to go... heeeeelp!


Nat said...

Poor Saffa! I am so sorry that you are having such a crap time.... no puns intended re the poo situation :-)
Sending huge hugs to you....

waterbob said...

I have been out of touch for a few days and it was great to come back and find a whole bunch of posts. Interesting and funny and pictures as well! I have used some of your posts as education to young ladies who only see the TV babies who are always clean and smiling. The poo in the bath drinking water will stick in the mind - it certainly does in mine! And then folk have twins or triplets or worse!
Luckily this will pass and he will be like her and she will be moving on to being helpful and you may be able to relax for a minute or two. We are thinking of you all and I can see the Big Guy will be welcome home.

greytonsal said...

Oh such are the joys in life! You have to admit having kids is an education! Milord will never have felt so welcome as when he comes home!!