Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bo' Bo' Bo'

Dad and StepMom will be here in a few days time! Dad's kidney cancer seems to have been successfully treated by surgery, although the doctors will be keeping an eye on him. Now that Dad has recovered from the operation they are finally coming to Australia (from South Africa) for the first time, to meet his granddaughter. I am very excited!


I had my bestest friend in the whole wide world (and her hubby and 2 lovely daughters) visit me this week too so I'm getting very spoiled by my loved ones this month! BestGirl and her family have managed to swing immigration visas and will be moving to Australia within the next year. I'm going to have her on the same continent! Within weekend-visiting-distance! Woohoo!

Of course I was so overwhelmed at having BestGirl here for a night that I completely forgot to take any photos. She took a few I think so I'll have to get those. We sat up chatting until 2am, trying to jam 2 year's worth into one night. Now I'm missing her terribly and I keep picking up the phone and realising that it's the middle of her night... *sigh*


Cait said...

Silly sis. Luv C

Suzanne said...

I love the videos.

Enjoy the time with family and how wonderful that BG will be on the same continent soon!

greytonsal said...

What great news about Best Girl! Super for all of you. Loved the video and how clever is our Princess? Have a great time with your dad. Lots of love