Sunday, 6 June 2010


It is raining again - that's about 3 weeks of pretty much solid rain here in Sydney. After growing up in Cape Town and then 7 years in London rain doesn't bug me too much... apart from the fact that I am getting a bit blobby again without my daily walk!

One bonus of being indoors so much is that Princess is developing her sitting skillz. Normally she'd spend several hours a day in the pram, but instead we mess about on the playmat and now she is almost entirely sitting on her own. I can make a corner of couch cushions and she'll play happily for ages with only the odd wobble.

She has discovered a whole new world of toys now that she can sit - and her favourite is the one my Mom bought when she was here last November. It plays sounds, tunes, the ABC and a myriad other noises. Milord is ready to kill my mother! Princess loves it, and it keeps her amused for ages. When she's bigger it will fit onto a walker thingy and she can push it around - awesome.

Thanks Mom ;-)

I've posted flash photos today. My sister told me Princess looks bald, but in the flash her very fine fair hair shows up quite well and it's about an inch long now. Milord and I were both white-blonde babies, so I presume Princess will be too.

Teething seems to have paused, so we've had a very nice sunny-natured weekend, even if the weather itself is a bit wet!


waterbob said...

Thanks for the fix! I feel sorry for the purple teddy in the first pic and I love the attitude in the expression in the second. She is growing up lovely.

greytonsal said...

Its lovely to see her sitting up and playing with her toys. There will be no holding her back now! Watch out Milord - there may be worse to come!! Thanks for the photos, such a gorgeous girl!