Monday, 14 June 2010

Long Weekend

It's a long weekend here - the Queen's Birthday apparently. The weather has been stunning - clear and cold, although we're mostly vegging out.

Milord caught a cold early last week, Princess caught it off him and I caught it off her. We are all still a bit snuffly and right now Princess is struggling to nap with a blocked nose.

Here's a lovely shot of Princess in a too-big winter coat. She sure is snug when we are out and about, with a blanket wrapped around her knees too!

...and one of her on the kitchen counter assisting with dinner!


waterbob said...

Thanks for the fix! Did she finish the whole carrot?

Saffa Chick said...

LOL - that's an uncooked carrot so she didn't make a dent in it. It did keep her quiet for a while though!

Lisa said...

Cuz, she is just gorgeous! I have lost contact with 'Cranky Epistles' and 'Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino' . I thought they were both fantastic writers and now can't find them. xxxxxx