Friday, 23 April 2010


I don't believe in apologising for not blogging, but I have been a bit scarce lately, haven't I?

Just busy, or tired, or a little blue and not in the mood. Or all of the above!

My new life took a lot of adjustment in the beginning. Milord and I used to divide the chores fairly evenly - the one who cooked didn't wash up, Milord vacuumed and I cleaned the bathroom, and either one of us would throw laundry at the washer from time to time.

However, when we decided to have Princess the deal was that Milord would support me and I'd look after the domestic duties until she goes to school and I go back to work. Suddenly I was the only one shopping, cooking and cleaning, while doing 99% of the baby-wrangling. Plus my main source of self-esteem, my IT career, was out of the picture. I struggled there for a bit!

I sucked it up, and have been ok with all the drudgery for some time, but lately it all got a bit... draining. Wake up, baby, laundry, cleaning, baby, shopping, baby, cooking, baby, cleaning, bed. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. ugh

This week Milord has suddenly stepped up and after nearly 8 months of not helping around the house he's volunteered to cook 2 nights a week - and he even washed up after himself! Now, I promise I didn't nag him to do this... He has also started putting Princess to bed after the bottle he gives her at night, which frees me from about half an hour of baby settling.

Oh, the relief! I didn't realise how much this was weighing me down until now. I'm making it very clear how much I appreciate his help, so I hope he keeps it up ;-)

I'm making a point of getting out for walks, as that always makes me feel better too. I'd got a bit bogged down with errands and chores and wasn't getting any me-time. Luckily Princess enjoys being out in her pram for hours at a time (with stops for meals and dry bum changes of course!).

Sydney in autumn is glorious...


waterbob said...

Intrigued by the pic of Dad supervising daughter - what time of the day has wine both sides of the bed?

Saffa Chick said...

Hi Dad

That's the morning after Milord's 50th. We are treating our hangovers to Veuve (sp?) champagne in an attempt at hair-of-the-dog.

Breakfast champagne in bed with the Princess is not unheard at Chez Saffa. Bad Mommy!

greytonsal said...

Lovely pics - it took me ages to find Princess amongst the newspapers! She is looking gorgeous and you are obviously doing all the right things, even down to champagne in the morning! Don't worry about the drudgery, it does get better as the baby grows older! Has to, otherwise we would not have another one after the first experience!