Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Party Planner

All is great over here, I'm just a bit flat-out.

Milord turns 50 this weekend and has invited 50-odd friends to drop by between midday and midnight on Saturday. He was supposed to be organising the whole shindig, but with a week to go handed it over to me. On top of getting the house shipshape and looking after the Princess... grrr.

Tasks complete (since Monday):

  • Roast meats ordered (14kg of lamb for around 3pm and 12kg pork around 6pm). This is trickier than it sounds because our local butcher and baker who do this service are both very Greek and their English is a bit dodgy.

  • All the timber moved from the middle of the backyard onto the concrete slab.

  • Crawlspace bug-bombed - I keep finding deadly redback spiders so no way was I going under there with anything alive!

  • Everything moved from our laundry and back deck to under the house or onto the new concrete slab in the backyard (under a tarp). Tools, planks, drills, screws, toolboxes etc. My back is killing me!

  • Planter box side scrubbed free of cement mud, dust and sawdust.

  • Outside of windows scrubbed free of cement mud, dust and sawdust, including flyscreens.

  • Barbeque and party coolbox scrubbed free of same.

  • Laundry/outside loo scrubbed to sparkling

  • Frosting film applied to outside loo windows (I can SEE you!)

  • Ceiling fan blades wiped free of a summer's dust collection.

Still to do:
  • Order bread rolls.

  • Hire wineglasses.

  • Wash the inside of the windows.

  • Get tablecloths, paper plates etc.

  • Buy salad, corn cobs, jacket potatoes, chips, dips, soft drink.

  • Buy charcoal etc.

  • Spring clean house.

Milord is going to pull a sickie tomorrow to level out our dirt backyard before covering it with a tarp to stand on, and to finish off the planter box and side decking. Oh and make us a non-lethal set of back steps!

It's still going to be a bit of a building site out back, and it's a shame I can't afford to fill the planter box with shrubbery for the occasion. Oh well.

Right, must get back to it!


Nat said...

Busy, busy, busy!
Sure you'll have a fab time...look forward to the party pics and a very happy birthday to Milord :-)

waterbob said...

Happy Birthday to the Big Guy and have a great time. Pics please.

Lisa said...

oh good luck guys. I am hoping at some stage of the day, you will be able to sit back and let your guests fend for themselves. And have a glass of wine - only one glass, mind! Tell you guests they have to recycle their own glasses otherwise you will be washing for ever more. Actually maybe not such a bad idea...drinking wine at the kitchen sink while you wash up? Better than rushing around, right? Happy Birthday, Rob!

Anonymous said...

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Kat said...

Happy Birthday to Milord from Paul and I! Hope he has a great birthday - hopefully all the hard work is now done and you can both chill out and enjoy it!

greytonsal said...

Hope you both had a super time on Rob's birthday. After all your hard work I am sure all your friends did!